Revealed... The Hidden New Way To Get A Glowing & Flawless Skin!


They Don't Work!...

What You Need To Know Now! 

Are you not tired of using different creams, serums and oil That Promises heaven and earth only to find out that it doesn't work?

Think about it...

I Know you have tried  a lot of skincare creams, oils and serums only to end up wasting your hard-earned money.

Don't you think its time you tried something completely different and new?

Stay with me dear reader as I'll shortly expose to you the biggest secret ever in the skincare industry!

The Real Truth Why Creams, Oils & Sèrums May Never Solve Your Skincare Problems Permanently.

And the Reason is simple...

Cream, oil and serum only work on the outer part of your skin and this can NEVER solve your skin problem permanently.

Before pimple, wrinkle, acne, dark spots, sunburn and the rest starting appearing on your face,

the Inner skin tissue must have been completely damaged with various toxins accumulated through the daily environmental pollutants.

The SAD fact is Creams, oil and serums only work on the outer part of the Body

Leaving your inner part which is the main cause of your pimple, dark spot, acne, sunburn etc...

The Reason I know about this is because I have been there too.

I battled with ugly sunburn, damaged & reddish skin, dark spots  & other skin problems for 3 agonizing Years!. I  tried more than 17 skincare products but non was able to solve my skin problems permanently

At a point it got so terrible That I felt ashamed of going out, whenever I look at my face in the mirror, I would become so angry at myself and just wish that face would just return to normal and beautiful again.

The situation was really embarrassing and annoying until I contacted a Nigeria-Canadian born dermatologist (Skin Doctor)

I explained my frustration with him and he immediately recommended a Beauty glow Tea for me.

He said the Beauty Glow Tea wasn't available or SOLD in Nigeria but he will get it across to me in few days if I ordered for it.

I quickly placed an order and it arrived very quickly!

I drank the Beauty Glow Tea for ONLY 19 days and I was completely amazed at the results!

All the dead and worn-out tissues in my body started working again!

My pale & dull skin started glowing & coming back to life!

The stubborn sunburn, dark spots, reddish skin, wrinkles  &  other skin problems i had started clearing off my face rapidly!

It destroyed all the toxins in my body accumulated by environmental pollutants that happens daily.

And now this Beauty Tea has given me a FLAWLESS & glowing skin for the first time in 3 Years.

Having a FLAWLESS SKIN start from the inside, not from outside or from cream or serum.


A new, beauty glow tea that instantly rejuvenate collagen, smoothen your face and beautify your skin leaving your skin FLAWLESS AND GLOWING.



Fructus JujubeJujube is an excellent anti-aging agent. Contains high amounts of vitamin C, which helps prevent wrinkles & skin discoloration. In summary, this makes sure your skin has the same color throughout and not coke and fanta color, Lol!

Rhizoma DioscoreaeExcellent anti-oxidant and helps in reversing aging and improves youthfulness.

Arillus Longan : High in Vitamin C ,helps keep the skin firm and healthy, protects skin against ultraviolet radiation & sunburn. Helps eliminate wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes and the appearance of scars. In summary, this makes sure your skin is spotless, without wrinkles or scars and protected from stubborn sunburn or dark eye circles.

Fructus Lycii : Helps moisturize & glow dull skin, balances skin discoloration, repairs damaged skin cells from the inside, treats acne & pimples, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. In summary, this makes sure your damaged skin as a result of chemicals/ bleaching cream or soap is restored to normal.

Mulberry : Brightens the skin by helping slow down the production of dark pigment by the skin. It evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. It is very helpful in making your skin tone look more even and brilliant.  In summary, this makes sure your skin is clean, clear ,spotless & ever young.

Rose : Contains vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Fights off acne, skin redness & inflammation. Helps control excess oil production on the skin, lifts dirt and oil from the skin to help it maintain its natural pH balance.  In summary, this makes sure your skin is no more reddish, dirty or oily.

With all these natural ingredients present in this glow tea, you are 100% certain that you aren't using any harmful chemicals on your delicate skin.

Hear What These Excited Customers Are Saying:



I had my doubts and felt nothing would ever work on my stubborn sunburn because my face was completely ruined by it. I couldn't go out without huge makeup. But using the BEAUTY GLOW TEA has given me TREMENDOUS results in less than 4 weeks. 

I have not seen anything that works like this before!. The best part for me is that it is CHEAP & made from Natural HERBS.


Hair Stylist

I had wasted a lot of money in the past buying fake products. But i had a good experience with the BEAUTY GLOW TEA. I use it Together with the FREE face masks and it has completely transformed my face. 

My husband still ask me what my secret is, cos my sunburn and dark spots are all gone.
This tea really works.


creative manager

I had dark eye circles and an age-long sunburn i have been battling for over 2 yrs now. I have tried many product and they never worked.

Just under  5 weeks of using the Beauty Glow Tea, all the stubborn sunburn & dark eye circles have disappeared. Now i can even go out without make up. It’s working….and I recommend you try it.


textile dealer

This glow tea is very affordable compared to what it does. It has beautified & glowed my skin in a short time. 

It has reduced the amount of wrinkles i had on my face and am actually looking younger than my age. If you are above 50yrs, you definitely need this wonder tea.

You Too Can Achieve The Same Beautiful Result,  Naturally & WITHOUT Side Effects. Yes, You Can Have A Spotless & More Prettier Looks Only If You Decide To Order This NEW & Amazing Remedy That Can Quickly Transform YOU.

When You Order The Glow Tea Now, You'll Get 3 Amazing Free Gifts.

Bonus 1: The Shea Butter/Avocado Scrub Mask removes top or dead skin layers & helps reveal a more shining skin.

Bonus 2: The Milk Flavor Scrub Mask helps clean & control excess oil on the face.

Bonus 3: The Honey PEACH Scrub Mask helps smoothens, moisturizes & brightens the skin and makes YOU look like beautiful Goddess!

A Pack Of The Skin Glow Tea Contains 10 Teabags & Usually Sells For N24,000.

However, if you ACT fast enough & order today
Tue Sep 01 2020

You Will Get A Pack Of The Skin Glow Tea & all FREE Bonuses For a  Huge 50% PROMO DISCOUNT!

Not N24,000 Anymore!

Now ONLY N12,000.

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Got A Questions To Ask? 

Call/WhatsApp: 09070533491

More Reasons Why You Must Get This Skin Glow Tea.

  • Increases the level of moisture in your skin by 100%. Meaning you'll have a smooth and shiny skin.
  • 100%  Ultraviolet ray protection. Meaning you are protected from skin damages such as sunburn or sunspots.
  • Improves skin elasticity by 88%. Meaning that your saggy and stretchy skin can return to normal shape again!
  • Reduces skin roughness, wrinkles & fine lines by 79%. Meaning you will have a smooth and young looking face.
  • Over 90% of users saw a drastic decrease in redness of skin, dark spots, pimples and acne.
  • Detox the skin from inside-out, leaving you glowing and radiant.
  • It leaves no dark spots behind, so you are sure to look Naturally Beautiful.

Testimonies from happy customers:


bank staff

I love how this product helped me clear and repair my damaged face. I used a facial serum that damaged my face badly & as someone who works in the bank i would feel embarrassed oftentimes. I have wasted a lot of money finding a solution, but not any more. This Beauty tea product just fixed me in less than 2 months and i have regained my confidence with this safe and natural herbal tea. N12,000 is nothing compared what this product is doing on my body


interior Decor consultant

I have struggled with a reddish face and facial discoloration for a while now. I didn't believe there was a remedy for it because i have used a lot of products, most of them ended up causing more damage. There is nothing that has ever worked for me until recently when i found this miracle tea. This glow tea enhances beauty naturally & with no side effects unlike some serums & cream. It's also effective as it has brought back my face to normal.



This is a wonderful tea! Very good to use for general body well being & not just the face. I use this tea to detox and purify my body, to improve blood circulation and i actually feel good both inside & out.  

I have ordered another pack because its affordable for me, its made of natural herbs and each teabag can be re-used many times before you can dispose it. Its really good on my skin.


retired Head mistress

The aroma of this tea is simply heavenly & sweet. I use it to rejuvenate my skin and control signs of aging since am getting older. 

The wrinkles on my face have drastically reduced according to what my friends have told me. Lol! Am just loving the effectiveness and the fact that it is cheap and re-usable.

Look my dear, don't waste your hard-earned money on all these cheap BLEACHING cream and FAKE serum that turns you PINK or give you COKE & FANTA color. They'll only leave you with very ugly looking black spots, or burnt face.

What you need to look for are natural organic based tea that cleans up your skin inside-outside & slowly brings out the brighter side of you in a glowing and neat way.

Not N24,000 Anymore!

Now ONLY N12,000.

(Don't Miss Out)

Got A Questions To Ask? 

Call/WhatsApp: 09070533491

How To Drink The Beauty 

Glow Tea.

You can re-use 1 tea bag multiple times until it fades in strength. Tea is suitable for children, diabetic, ulcer, asthmatic & HBP patients.



The Beauty Glow Tea is made from PURELY organic and natural ingredients, it contains no harmful substances, so you can consume with confidence of no side effects.

When you use BEAUTY GLOW TEA, you can be rest assured that every single ingredient is natural, healthful and hand-selected to provide a healthy, vibrant look to your skin.

Testimonies from happy customers:


air hostess

This is one of the best skin care product i have used in recent times. Within a few weeks i can already see the effectiveness on my skin.

 It really works from inside-out. My body gets detoxed & purified each time i drink this tea. In short i feel really good & in love with this tea. 



I can attest that this tea works as advertised. As a practicing medical doctor, i can tell that it does more to the general body than the skin alone. It improves sleep and blood circulation, detoxes the entire body which makes the organs of the body to function normally and a lot more benefits.

As doctor, i strongly recommend you drink this tea, not just for beauty, but also for a healthy life.


Travel Consultant

I had lots of dark spots on my face and in the process of treating it, i got my face burnt and was left with a reddish looking face! It was really embarrassing & it made me very uncomfortable around people. I tried many other products and all of them never worked & i just ended up wasting money . But just under few 2 weeks of taking this delicious beauty glow tea, i can say this is different from other products because it worked on my skin. 



I was seriously doubting if this product will work for me because i was tired of buying and wasting money.

Reluctantly, i ordered 2 packs for a trial and within 3 weeks of drinking this glow tea, i began seeing some changes and my skin is equally glowing Lol!

It has brightened my skin and cleared all the reddish patches on my face. I never regretted this purchase unlike the rest.

Got A Questions To Ask? 

Call/WhatsApp: 09070533491

I know You Might Be Asking....

My dear, I know you have used a lot of skin care products that promised heaven & earth but failed you. Now you are wondering if the Beauty Glow Tea is going to be different?

 Look, i perfectly understand your fears because i have suffered and been disappointed like you many times . There are lots of creams, oil & serums out there and most of them certainly don’t work. Some are pretty harmful too & may cause skin damage. However, this organic beauty glow tea is formulated with extra-ordinary special blends of natural herbs that are highly effective and proven to work on anybody regardless of skin type or color.

Fun Fact...

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body?

When it’s maintained properly with effective product, it lead to an overall healthier and younger lifestyle . . .

Even wondered why celebrities such as Omotola, Joke Silvia, Genevieve & Rita Dominic are all looking younger than their age? Its simple, it because they take good care of their skin and you too can join them today  and start noticing a mind blowing transformation. . .

Just in case you are wondering if there are any guarantees, 

Here Is Our 30 Days "Iron-clad and No Question Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you use this product for the first 30 days and you didn't get the desired result, that means we deceived you to believe in something that doesn't work.

Kindly call our hotline on 09028673334 and request for your 100% refunds.

When you call, we will request for your account number and send back your money in less than 3 hours.

You can screenshot this guarantee as a proof against us shuold we fail to make a refund.

Go ahead and order this products with all peace of mind and confidence.


You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose.

The Glow Tea works like MAGIC. Like, really really works and the only way to confirm is to just give it a try right now.

It is not sold anywhere in the country for now, and this is the only GOLDEN chance to grab one of the few packs left in stock.

If YOU delay or MISS out on this offer, you'll NEVER find it again.

In fact you are very likely to continue battling with those ugly sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots, reddish skin and other skin related problems that may make you lose your love relationship.

Just like me in the past, you may continue to waste money buying & trying out fake products that would never work or that may even damage your skin beyond repair.

Think about what may happen to YOU & YOUR relationship because of the way your face is filled with ugly dark spots, sunburn, pimples, wrinkles and the rest!

YOUR love partner may just find you completely unattractive and now that Xmas/New Year parole is here. Hmm... plus all these Hot Babes in jeans jumping around, Omo forget it cos you already what's going down. Lol!

Apart from losing your love partner, think of the risk of permanent skin damage and you know what that means if you are yet to get married.

You can skip all those ugly experiences & quickly order a pack of the Beauty Glow Tea now that its still on a 50% PROMO DISCOUNT.

Remember you get 3 variants of FREE face scrub masks  together with the Glow Tea that makes it work even more faster & effective.

This Special Offer is for everyone who orders today ONLY

Tue Sep 01 2020

No need to travel abroad OBODO-OYIBO to buy it like these rich celebrities do.

Simply click the RED BUTTON below to place your order or send us a message on WhatsApp with your delivery details, we will call to confirm your order and deliver it to you.

Got A Questions To Ask? 

Call/WhatsApp: 09070533491

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Glow Tea?

The Beauty Glow Tea cost N12,000 for 1 pack + 3 FREE variants of facial scrubs.

The more you buy, the more discounts you'll get

Do you deliver nationwide & what is the delivery fee?

Yes we offer FREE nationwide deliveries. However, we may have to charge you a delivery fee or require full payment if you reside in a location where we do not have a delivery partner.

Please Call/WhatsApp us to know if we have a delivery partner in your location 09028673334

What is the assurance this tea will work?

The Beauty Glow Tea was formulated with the best and rarest blend of Asian potent herbs such as Fructus Jujube, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Arillus Longan, Fructus Lycii, Mulberry & Rose.

The blend of these rare and potent herbs guarantees this product works for all we says it doe. You can also research the benefits of these herbs to be sure.

What if it doesn't work?

The Beauty Glow Tea is a very effective product that takes care of major skin problems from inside-out, there is no doubt it will work for you. There are tons of testimonies that also shows this product works. However, if for any reason you have followed the usage guide and this product still doesn't work for you after 30 days.

30-Day Guarantee

 Don't worry you are covered by our 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, you may ask for a full refund or Call/WhatsApp 09028673334.

Any side effects?

The Beauty Glow Tea has ZERO side effects, so you can consume it with absolute rest of mind as it is made with 100% natural herbs such as: Fructus Jujube, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Arillus Longan, Fructus Lycii, Mulberry & Rose.

NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Who can take this tea?

Anyone can take this tea regardless of your health condition.

However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding mother, please don't consume.

How do i consume the tea for best result?

Remember, you can use one teabag as many times as possible until it looses strength.

How soon can i start seeing results?

To be honest, it depends on individual skin makeup. There are some persons who see results too soon than others. Typically, you should start seeing result from 10 days and above.

How  long does delivery take?

Typically we deliver same day depending on your location and time of placing the order.

Else, you should get your order delivered within 24hrs-48hrs maximum.

To be sure of delivery duration, you may call/whatsapp our hotline 09028673334


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